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Kyneton Transition Hub Open Edible Garden Day is on Sunday 3 September 2016 (one day only) between 10 am and 4 pm at various times.

Eight keen gardeners from Kyneton and surrounds are opening their edible gardens to show others how sustaining and life affirming an edible garden can be. It’s also about learning practical, inexpensive ways of replenishing the soil, water management and methods of weed and pest control using natural, chemical free methods.

Edible gardens give us access to fresh wholesome foods grown for taste not transportation and to achieve low food miles and food security.

You can find out where these gardens are and opening times in a Kyneton Transition Hub brochure or the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival brochure which are available at Aesop’s Attic Bookshop, various shops and the Kyneton Mechanics Institute which is the official information centre for the Festival.

Please note that this Open Edible Garden Day is on one day only Sunday 3 September 2017 (Father’s Day), and not Saturday 2 Sept as advertised in the Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival brochure.

The Open Edible Garden Day gives locals a great opportunity to see what others are doing in our community.

The Open Edible gardens will demonstrate edible gardens in progress from vegetables to fruit and nut trees, herbs, companion plants, bird and insect attracting. You will find new ways of improving soil, worm farms, composting, compost tea, wicking beds, Hugelkultur, irrigation and more.  Nea Gyorffy, organiser, says “We want visitors to go away thinking ‘I can do that!’”.

The Community Garden at the Kyneton Secondary College and Malmsbury Primary School garden will demonstrate what the school and community can achieve together. A verge garden in Malmsbury demonstrates how to transform a dry grassy slope into a hardy and attractive edible garden.

More information at Kyneton Daffodil & Arts Festival website or facebook page; or Kyneton Transition Hub facebook page.


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