The Transition Response

The Transition movement, which started in Totnes in England, has grown as a response to both climate change and peak oil, and at the same time  addresses many other issues confronting us today.

Transition initiatives  focus on re-localising and building resilience. This means strong communities working together to build a happier, healthier and more secure future.

The experience of the many Transition initiatives around the world is that you need to start with awareness raising in the community to ensure that the later activities are not the preserve of a few “greenies” but involve a large part of the community.

The next stage is to form working groups that look at the different issues important to moving to a more sustainable future. These may include energy, food, waste, education, youth, water, restoration of country, local government, health and well-being, transport, building, local economy, recycling, transition tales, and heart and soul. As each new working group is formed a visioning exercise is conducted with as wide a group from the community as possible.

Using this process, Totnes and many other communities around the world have now rebuilt the resilience their towns and suburbs once had. At the same time they have reduced their carbon footprint, saved energy, and built communities that support and value all of their members.

Isn’t that we want for our community and our children?

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