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Native Bee Hotels


SharonDid you know that most of the pollination in your garden may be done by native bees?

Australian native bees are stingless and most are solitary. That means they don’t have hives or produce honey you can collect. (However, there are some in Queensland that are social insects and provide honey).

What our native bees need most is somewhere to lay their eggs.

That’s where native bee hotels fit. By providing the appropriate environment for them, you can help native bees breed and thus keep your garden healthy and productive.

bee hotel by John


For more information click here.

For a flyer about building bee hotels click here.

Other links: 

To find out more about Australian native bees go to www.aussiebees.com.au.


Building an Insect Hotel by Permaculture Research Institute

Creating a Native Bee Hotel by Little House on the Hill

Bee Aware of Your Native Bees – a great introductory video


Bee photo from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_native_bees


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  1. Fantastic information for school projects.

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