Core Group

The Core Group is a small committee of the Kyneton Transition Hub which meets regularly to oversee the financial and strategic direction. As most people prefer to do things rather than attend meetings, you can be involved with the Kyneton Transition Hub without joining the core group – just sign up for our eNewsletter and come to some of our events.

The best way to get involved is to join our regular events.


Some key documents:

KTH Core group review 2014 02 – Outcome of core group review that considered the role and responsibilities of the core group

Roles & Responsibilities of the Core Group

Kyneton Edible Gardens Open Day – proposal for first Edible Gardens Open Day – first considered at October 2013 meeting

KTH Proposal Edible Food Forest – considered at November 2014 meeting

Documents related to strategic planning 2014:

KTH Strategic Planning Background Paper – background paper prepared and distributed prior to the first community forum

KTH Strategic Plan Initial Ideas 3 Nov 2014 draft only – initial ideas after first community forum

KTH Strategic Plan_Final_2015_with actions – final document with action tables that will be developed further






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