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Kyneton Community Garden Background


The Kyneton Community Garden located in the horticulture area at the Kyneton High School in Epping Street welcomes everyone – whether you are a gardener already or would like to learn.

The Kyneton Community Garden came about from an agreement between Kyneton Transition Hub and Kyneton High School. When it started there were existing fruit trees, a chicken run, tool shed, greenhouse and shade house and plenty of tools – so we had a great start.

The low level raised beds are being replaced with higher wicking beds made from apple bins. Wicking beds have a reservoir of water at the bottom so they use little water and still deliver the optimum moisture to the plants. They are ideal for long hot summers. If you want to learn how to build and use a wicking bed we’re happy to help.

Chickens and bantams were introduced in October 2013. They don’t need much attention as there is a continuous water supply from a tank, and the treadle feeders hold about a week’s supply. Different people check the chooks through the week, and as a bonus they get to keep the eggs or donate them for cooking classes. There is a community roster for weekends and school holidays. Let us know if you would like to help (and get to keep the eggs).

The initial set-up was assisted by Rob Forbes and his year 9 students as part of their community service project in 2013.

Behind the scenes there have been several grant applications and lots of planning.

Currently our regular times are Thursdays during school terms from 10 to 12 noon. If you would like to visit the garden at other times or have some ideas for workshops you would like, please let us know.

Any donations of seeds or seedlings of any edible plants would be very welcome. Perhaps you have a packet of seeds that you can’t use or some out of date ones. Or maybe you’re thinning out your seedlings at home. A reserve of egg cartons would also be useful if you have any to spare. And any donations of straw and manure will be happily accepted.

As the Community Garden activities are all coordinated by Kyneton Transition Hub please direct any enquiries to kynetonth@gmail.com or phone Julie 0425 724 156.

Before picture


January 2014 after 40+ degree temperatures



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