Peak Oil

All the world’s crude oil was created over 90 million years ago.

In just over 150 years we have become dependent on oil for many things, from petrol to plastic, polar fleece to polystyrene, fertiliser to vaseline, detergents, preservatives and even medicine. What is not made of oil is transported by it.

Oil is a cheap source of energy. But not for much longer. When oil production peaks, production begins to decline. The quality of oil available declines (for example tar sand), and it takes increasingly more energy to extract the oil that is available. We have entered a phase where demand will begin to outstrip supply over the long term. This will have an impact on everything in out lives… and there are no quick fixes.

While climate change and peak oil may herald some major shifts in the way we live, there is no reason why the creativity and ingenuity that got us to the peak would disappear as we have to work our way down the other side. In rising to these challenges it is quite possible that we will find ways to live simpler, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

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