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Wicking Bed Workshop

(Diagram from http://www.urbanfoodgarden.org)

Come to our Garden Gathering this Sunday 23rd September and learn how to make a wicking bed.

Wicking beds are a great way to build a low-maintenance garden and to reduce your water use.

A wicking bed has a reservoir of water at the bottom then a layer of pebbles or scoria, with soil on the top. Under the pebbles you place some drainage ag pipe and run it up to one corner of the bed so you can water the plants through it. This means that the water is drawn up by the plants and very little evaporates or is lost in other ways.

We will be building above ground wicking beds in large apple crates (1.2 metre square) at a residential property in Kyneton. They will be just like the ones we’ve previously helped build at the Kyneton Community Learning Centre.

2 to 4 pm – Sunday 23rd September

Venue:  In Kyneton township

Contact Julie on 5422 3023 or KynetonTH@gmail.com for details.


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