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Workshop Schedule

7-9 pm                 Public Biochar Information Night & Introduction to the Weekend Workshop

8.30-9 am           Registration and tea
9-12 pm               Introductions and presentations on Biochar with tea break
12-1 pm                Lunch break
1-3 pm                  Hands on making and firing small Biochar makers
3-3.30 pm           Afternoon tea
3.30-5 pm           Biochar in mixtures, integrating compost and vermiculture

9.00-10.15 am  More advanced theory of Biochar in mixtures
10.30-12 pm      Setting up trials; testing biochars, testing soils, making more biochar mixes
12-1 pm                Lunch break
1-2.45 pm           Advanced trials and discussion
2.45-3.15 pm     Afternoon tea
3.45- 5 pm          Integration and discussion of Biochar in rural and urban settings


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