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Sunny Sunday in Cecilia’s garden

31082014169What better way to spend the last official day of winter than in the garden, especially in wonderfully sunny weather and surrounded by friends?

It was great to help Cecilia put the finishing touches to her garden in readiness for Kyneton Open Edible Gardens next weekend. We weeded between her garden beds and then put down cardboard and straw as pathways.

There were about fifteen adults (and numerous kids) who enjoyed gardening, chatting and sharing afternoon tea together. We also brewed some compost tea and spread it on Cecilia’s garden with lots to spare to take home to give our own gardens an early spring boost. Cecilia is also an active seed saver and swapper and she had some of her own seeds as gifts for her helpers on the day.


Cecilia also provided a delicious afternoon tea – the highlights were the homemade hummus and banana bread.

It was especially great to have some first-timers at this Garden Gathering.


A message from Cecilia: “THANK YOU SO much to everyone who came along to my garden last Sunday for the working-bee organised by Kyneton Transition Hub. With your help I got everything done that I had hoped for and I cannot believe the ‘mountain’ of weed that we all managed to remove from the yard. I am so happy and cannot express my gratitude enough and I will repeat myself: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! xxx”

At Garden Gatherings we do a small job in someone’s garden, share some afternoon tea, and on this occasion had some compost tea to take home. You only need to attend two or three Garden Gatherings to be eligible to host one at your place.

(Photos: new sculpture delivered during the garden gathering with the new straw pathways in the background; weeding; two first-timers at the Garden Gathering)


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