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Garden Gathering a great success

This month our regular Garden Gatherings restarted successfully after a recess.

It was a beautiful sunny winter day helping the Kyneton Raspberry Queen, Jan, with weeding and thinning her raspberries. There were plenty to take home for all our gardens, and a yummy afternoon tea to share. It was especially good to share raspberry plants with someone who lost theirs in the Malmsbury fire in February.

At Garden Gatherings we do a small job in someone’s garden, share some afternoon tea, and on this occasion had some new plants to take home. You only need to attend two or three Garden Gatherings to be eligible to host one at your place.raspberries 1 jan annas raspberries

A message from Jan, our Garden Gathering host:

“Thank you to all who participated in the garden gathering at my place on Saturday. It has given me a great start in getting the raspberry patch organised and will make it much easier to pick the berries in the spring.“I would especially like to thank Julie who coordinated the garden gathering arrangements. It really does help to have someone else looking after emails, lists etc.

“I hope others enjoyed the day as much as I did, and I look forward to offering some ripe berries when they are ready to pick: maybe a harvesting gathering?”

(Photos show working in the raspberry patch; afternoon tea and a chat; some raspberries in their new home)




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